Sunday, July 11, 2010

. kalo xsuka jangan tengok boleh? .

hooiii mara manjew2 btol rse..
juz now i being approachd by sum1 dat i knew along time ago.
sum1 that i realy2 respect. it start nicely. warmed n nice chating..

since we have'nt meet for a long time so he asked alot about my family.
well its normal i gess.. until he start to talked bout how diffrnt i looked now.
hello, people chnged la misterrr..
nak2 lg ko tgk aku time tu aku hingusan lg kot.... alahhaaiii...

and the words sound seem like he not realy like what i am doing now.
eh ape msalah ko daa??  
n sum of it sounds like 'sindiran'  (mende ek in English) lupe sia..

xcuse me sir, r u judging me or wat?   
well FYI, wat i am doing rite now is notin to do wif u.
n wat i am now is the way that i choose.
tnx for being sum1 that showed the path for me along time ago.
realy appreciate it. yes i am!

but now, no need to tell me wat to do or not to.
if it is a suggestion, might be yes.

err klo bole, nk bgi duit lg bgos.  
setakat bgi suggestion je.. xrock r.. (ade kena mengena?)
coz i am the 1 who will choose wats next for me.
(other than ALLAH, off course)

and.. i can positively chewed well any kind of advice,
  but ! do deliver it in a nice way.
for a person like u, i guess u know better.

" a little sincere advice wont start by giving a bad perception
about the subject without know anything bout it "
dont make it sound like u judge it without know noting bout it.
boleh? klo xbole, haaa sile lah blahh jao2....
ha jao cket.. lagi cket.. lagi lagi...
ok good !

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