Thursday, August 12, 2010

should i call it as 'spellbound' too ?

" it was nice seeing u right in front of me, saw you laughing, saw you smiling, saw your eyes and i like the way   u shy to me... =) "

" dancing queen. bidasari "

" like la to hear ur blur2 through d fon "

" straighthair ladies, atlethc body, chinesse looking, shy, beautiful eyes n smile "

" if we falled 3times, stand up 4. Just dont give up "

" can u be my queen? - that is my rethoric for u "

" sumtime if we found our soulmate, we can feel it from d 1st impression "

P/S : n i like the way u express ur feelings. the way u call me with sweetname sumtime, how u get along with mygals, how u support n appreciate me as who i am.. n its make me see u as sum1 different.
tenqiu. trimas. arigato. :)

TO : yes. u kno who u r.   (mood : sweet poyo2 jap =p )
 (oke dah2, mood jiwang dh tamat. back to normal neyb. yeaahh !)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

si buntal ;)

saje msok kn entry baru. disebab kan berase bosan lahh sgt..
heyhey..i got new cute fren ! got it from abg razi a.k.a my x-senior in uum.
for my belated burfday. hehee janji harus d tepati kan?
sgup trun uum blek from penang. makasehhhh noo......
nex year, bwk lagu dgn guitar plak okehh.. kan kan. present plg awal tuk burfday nexyer.
hahaahaha !!! gelak jahat bole?

hai cik buntalll... gemokk la ko nih ! hohooo...

now, cik bearmany dah ade membe. jgn gado2 ye.. ;)

p/s : pehal aku tbe2 cam dak2 nihh. meroyan sbb dpt bear 1st for this year kowt... laaa apakahhhh ??? trimas alot abg razi for d present. appreciate it muchh2 lah ! ;)