Thursday, August 12, 2010

should i call it as 'spellbound' too ?

" it was nice seeing u right in front of me, saw you laughing, saw you smiling, saw your eyes and i like the way   u shy to me... =) "

" dancing queen. bidasari "

" like la to hear ur blur2 through d fon "

" straighthair ladies, atlethc body, chinesse looking, shy, beautiful eyes n smile "

" if we falled 3times, stand up 4. Just dont give up "

" can u be my queen? - that is my rethoric for u "

" sumtime if we found our soulmate, we can feel it from d 1st impression "

P/S : n i like the way u express ur feelings. the way u call me with sweetname sumtime, how u get along with mygals, how u support n appreciate me as who i am.. n its make me see u as sum1 different.
tenqiu. trimas. arigato. :)

TO : yes. u kno who u r.   (mood : sweet poyo2 jap =p )
 (oke dah2, mood jiwang dh tamat. back to normal neyb. yeaahh !)


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