Sunday, November 7, 2010

whats your style?

im already at home babe. ouh JB ! soo gladd to be home. ;)
last night, i went out with my sistas Angah and Aciq. planning to buy food for my lil turtle. plus angah wanna look up for some hamster's accessories. at the mall, i watch so many people. actly its not the person im looking at, but their style. huhu. suddenly i remember how miss i am to see this style craziness back in here since its hard to see it in area like kedah. hohoo.

then im feelin like posting entry bout various style that i know. so what style r u bebeh??

Clasic Style : Is composed of simple lines, neutral colors, very little visible makeup, pearls, heels right, an average bag, hat, and a nature quite shy.

Casual Style : This style involves kept comfortable, easy to carry. You can choose any color, from bright or pastel colors to the earth. Denim is one of the favorite materials to adopt casual. But natural or synthetic fibers fit this dress style.

Urban Style : The true urban style fashion style that puts you in the real value of personality and attitude. Is the current style as what is worn in our community.

Emo Style : Is associated with emo music and fashion style of his followers. Of an Emo usual outfit includes: jeans very molded, wear both girls and boys, tight shirts, belts with metal applications, such tenises and skate sneakers. The hair is dyed dark, preferably black and carries all Emo long bangs combed to one side or the left eye. Eyes are strong shape with black eyeliner or ink. A favorite accessory is thick framed glasses. Clothes are often personalized with favorite quotes, hearts or other inscriptions of the soul.

Romantic Style : It is is one of the most feminine clothing styles. In terms of clothes, women who dress up "romantic", love articles of clothing with floral patterns, breeches (yet elegant) in the warm season, low-cut blouses and shirts of light materials (silk, soft wool, lace, etc.).

Vintage Style : "All 's old and new repositories all", which defines the term seems to be the fairest and easiest manifest vintage trend with fashion of our times. Hats of our grandparents time are very chic, especially if you are genuine. Looks great worn in unexpected combinations, with other modern and colorful accesories. A vintage kept secret is to bring an emphasis of modernism, a surprise detail to create an image which doesen't looks old.

Retro Style : Long gloves, gowns arched, large glasses, thick fringe, colored high heels, cape, red gloss, sequins evening, fine cigarette and a mysterious nature.

Hippie Style : Long hair and rumpled, looking very natural. - A flower in her hair or an Indian-style band. Long skirt and large North American style indie with applications.

Boem Style : Bohemian style is a style that inspired the great fashion designers, using and adopting feminin celebrities. Require a lot of attention from those who adopt it as one piece more or less and the effect is lost.

Punk Style : T-shirts with controversial slogans and images, leather clothing, military boots, tight leather pants or black jeans, beaded safety pins and attached to clothing, leather bracelets with metal inserts, with black eye make-up too.

Disco Style : Bright colors, sparkles and silver prints appear typed, large glasses and much mirth.

 p/s : there alot more. i think... better u find it urself la. hehee.

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